V Litter


Trompeterbakken's Valde, DK08597/2013, black dog, hips 0, elbows A

Trompeterbakken's Victor, DK08598/2013, black dog

Trompeterbakken's Vigfus, DK08599/2013, black dog

Trompeterbakken's Vera, DK08600/2013, black bitch

Trompeterbakken's Vicka, DK08601/2013, black bitch

Trompeterbakken's Vigga, DK08602/2013, black bitch

Trompeterbakken's Vikka, DK08603/2013, black bitch

Trompeterbakken's Vippippi, DK08604/2013, black bitch

Leadburn Donald (Oskar)

Trompeterbakken's Karine

Hips: A Hips: A
Elbows: 0 Elbows: 0
Eye test: 07.01.2008: Clear Eye test: 09.02.2013: Clear
Optigen: Clear Optigen: Clear by parents

Passed obedience test

CNM: Carrier

EIC: Clear

Passed obedience test

1st price beginner B 1st prize beginner B

1st prize open class cold game test

1st price open class trial (DK A trial)

Passed the DRK qualifying test

1st prize open class cold game test

1st prize open class trial (DK A trial)

Passed the DRK qualfying test

Passed working test winner's class


Pedigree for Trompeterbakken's V litter

born on 3 May 2013

Leadburn Donald


Willowyck Jack Snipe

Tasco Dancing Brave of Willowyck


Shinshail Apache

Combee Castle Chilbrook
Hollyberry Teal

Swinbrook Stonefly

Gallowmill Brig
FTCH Swinbrook Bumble

Dagley's Girl


Lettermore Trout

FTCH Carnochway Daniel
Lettermore May
Flashmount Tare FTCH Tibea Tosh
FTCH Flashmount Larch


Rockingstone Hope of Leadburn

Shortthorn Tommy of Leadburn
Dargdaffin Dynamo
FTCH Tasco Broom Tup of Carnochway
Dargdaffin Candy

Bringwood Becky
Waxham Emperor
Waxham Cara
Rockingstone Pride


Kenue Fir of Leadburn

FTCH Theoweir Turramurra Teal
FTCH Croftweit Solo

Rockingstone Clover

FTCH Symington Clarerone of Leadburn
Kenate Summerhaze


Fastlane Chuck of Buttsend

Baildonian Baron of Cracighorn
Gillmhor Arrow of Pocklea  
Seanbaile Regent
Kilmore Della
Baildonian Tina FTCH Pocklea Remus
Barnavara Water Bettle
Squareclose Eider FTCH
Birdbrook Arrow of Craigfelin
FTCH Tibea Tosh
FTCH Purdey of Bontoe of Birdbrook

Lochmuir Lace
FTCH Pocklea Remus
FTCH Lochmuir Lady


Trompeterbakken's Dagmar


Kali-Kama Tomba
Medos Skimmer
FTCH Pocklea Remus
FTCH Birdbrook Astra
Tibea Tipp
FTCH Palgrave Quin
FTCH Tibea Topaz
Benholm Evie


Craighorn Bracken

FTCH Aughacasia Sam of Drakeshead
FTCH Lochmuir Bonnie
Beautiful Almond of Benholm
FTCH Black Boss of Birchstone
Birchstone Jaeger

Puppy diary


Week 8

This week the puppies were chipped. Friday four puppies were collected by their new owners. Sunday another two will be collected. We look forward to following the development of this litter, of which we have high expectations.

Week 7

Everything is as it should be. Daily walks, introduction to new objects and sounds as well as visits by puppy buyers and friends strengthen the puppies' life experiences. Friday they were tested. On the basis of the tests and our observations we have decided which puppy should go to which family. Every puppy has its own name. The dogs are Valde, Victor and Vigfus. The bitches are Vera, Vicka, Vigga, Vikka and Vip Pippi. We still need to find a good home for Victor.

Week 6

The puppies had become good at doing their business outdoor. But after some days with rain, some of them prefer to do it on the newspapers indoor. We take them for walks every day. They have been visited by several people and they are now getting used to people of different sizes and heights.

Week 5

The puppies play with each other. We introduce them to different objects - also some with sound. This should prepare them for the big worlds. We also opened the door so that they have access to a wooden terrasse. It took some days before everybody willingly went outdoor. The average weight is 2360 grams.

Week 4

This week the puppies have become more active. We gave them socks and golf balls, which they happily carry. We have started feeding them. Each time they hear the come whistle. Katrine still gives them milk. The average weight is 1940 grams.

Week 3

In the past week quite a few things have happened. We opened the box so that the puppies can now leave it. They do that to go to the toilet. They can all walk, and they have become attentive to the environment. Friday they were "dewormed", and every puppy was painted. The dogs were painted with the following colours: dark blue, light blue, green. The bithces were painted with the following colours: red, orange, yellow, white, pink. The average weight is 1445 grams.

Week 2

The puppies are now two weeks old. Everybody has opened their eyes. They have had their nails cut. The average weight is 1085 grams.

Week 1

Everything is as it should be. The first days Katrine spends all her time together with the puppies. The only thing that can take her away from them is food and the need to go to the toilet. The puppies sleep and eat and sleep and eat. After one week the average weight is 705 grams.


Friday morning at 3.45 Katrine gave birth to the first puppy. At 7.40 she gave birth to no 8. The average weight was 415 grams.

Puppy gallery

Before our puppies leave us, they are
    • Registred in the Danish Kennel Club (have a DKK pedigree)
    • ID chipped
    • Raised in our house

When we have a litter, we put great effort into socialising the puppies before they move to their new families. Tompeterbakken puppies have been introduced to game, shots, kitchen utensils, vacuum cleaners, music, television, other dogs, human beings, the wood, etc.

Do you want to know more about our dogs, please contact us and arrange a visit to our house.