T Litter 2011


DK13653/2011 Trompeterbakken's Taffy, black dog

DK13654/2011 Trompeterbakken's Teddy, black dog CNM clear EIC clear

DK13655/2011 Trompeterbakken's Thor, black dog

DK13656/2011 Trompeterbakken's Tea, black bitch Hips A Elbows 0 CNM Clear EIC Clear

DK13657/2011 Trompeterbakken's Tessa, black bitch

DK13658/2011 Trompeterbakken's Tyra, black bitch Hips A Elbows 1



Kenmilquin Ballydugan (Ben)

Trompeterbakken's Pippi

Hips: B (6-6) Hips: A
Elbows: 0 Elbows: 0
Eye test: 06.01.2011: Clear Eye test: 15.01.2011: Clear
Optigen: Clear Optigen: Clear
Irish field trial champion Passed obedience test
Good (field trial show class) 1st prize beginner B

Qualified to run in Danish tests and trials

winner's class


Pedigree for Trompeterbakken's T litter

born on 19 July 2011


Kenmilguin Ballydugan

Carraigairt Adam

Pocklea Remus


Haretor Mark of Drakeshead

FTCH Brenjon Dirk of Drakeshead
Haretor Emma


Drakeshead Gypsy

FTCH Pocklington Ben
FTCH Drakeshead Anna

Raven Rachel


Theoweir Turramurra Teal

FTW Ballyellery Adder
FTCH Towerline Swift
Lady of Lake FTCH Broadville Barrister
Lady of Liscrevin

Bedgbrook Braid

Endacott Stoer of Qualbrook
Ewshot Liffey
Palgrave Triton
Ashe Warren Cassie
Endacott's Queen
FTCH Swinbrook Twig
Chippinghurst Ptmarmagin
Willowyck Wag of Bedgebrook
Heatherburn Tuan
Lal of Trentlock
Dee of Heatherburn


Willowyck Favour

Willowyck Corncrake
Willowyck Briar


Leadburn Donald

Willowyck Jack Snipe
Dancing Brave of Willowyck  
FTCH Shinshail Apache
Swinbrook Stonefly
Dagley's Girl FTCH Lettermore Trout
Flashmount Tare
Rockingstone Hope of Leadburn
Shortthorn Tommy of Leadburn
FTCH Dargdaffin Dynamo
FTW Bringwood Becky

Rockingstone Pride
FTCH Kenue Fir of Leadburn
Rockingstone Clover


Trompeterbakken's Dagmar


Kali-Kama Tomba
Medos Skimmer
FTCH Pocklea Remus
FTCH Birdbrook Astra
Tibea Tipp
FTCH Palgrave Quin
FTCH Tibea Topaz
Benholm Evie


Craighorn Bracken

FTCH Aughacasia Sam of Drakeshead
FTCH Lochmuir Bonnie
Beautiful Almond of Benholm
FTCH Black Boss of Birchstone
Birchstone Jaeger

Puppy diary

Week 7

The puppies are seven weeks old. This implies that we tested them. The test showed that this is the most homogenous litter we have ever made. They are very much alike. Only minor differences. At the test they were all curious and happy. They approached the tester, whom they had never met, with wagging tails. They all retrieved brilliantly. In other words, we are very pleased with this litter, and we look forward to following them. Moreover, they were all chipped. They have also been named: Tea, Tessa, Tyra, Thor, Teddy, Taffy.

Week 6

The puppies are thriving and developing as they should. They are only served dog food now, and at each meal they hear the come whistle and sit whistle. We take them on walks on our grounds every day, and they enjoy exploring the world. We are very satisfied with everybody.

Weeks four and five

Time flies, and the puppies grow every day. We have moved them to a larger area, which they enjoy. They spend a lot of time outdoor, and today we took them on their first outing on our grounds. They are fed with dog food three times a day.


Week three

The litter box has been opened, and the puppies often leave their box to do their business. They have started to play with each other. Pippi is a caring mother.

Week two

The puppies eat a lot. At the age of two weeks the average weight is 1170 grams. They move around in the puppy box, and now they have opened their eyes.

Week one

The first week went well. Pippi has spent most of the time with the puppies. The puppies have eaten, slept, eaten, slept. They grow as they should. There is not much noise from the puppy box. This implies that everything is as it should be.

Birth - 19 July

Early Tuesday morning Pippi gave birth to her first puppy. Within four hours she had given birth to six puppies. The smallest puppy weighed 350 grams, the largest one 430 grams. The average weight was 390 grams.


Puppy gallery


Before our puppies leave us, they are
    • Registred in the Danish Kennel Club (have a DKK pedigree)
    • ID chipped
    • Raised in our house

When we have a litter, we put great effort into socialising the puppies before they move to their new families. Tompeterbakken puppies have been introduced to game, shots, kitchen utensils, vacuum cleaners, music, television, other dogs, human beings, the wood, etc.

Do you want to know more about our dogs, please contact us and arrange a visit to our house.