IR.FTCH Kenmilquin Ballydugan (Ben)

27 June 2005 - 22 December 2020

DKK registration no: DK09572/2011

Irish registration no: X52441

Danish hip score: B

British hip score: 6-6
Elbow score:
Eye test -
6.01.2011: Clear

Optigen: Normal/Clear

CNM: Clear

EIC: Clear

Best results

  • Irish field trial champion

  • Show: Good (field trial class)

In 2011 we bought Ben from our Irish retriever friend Laurence Hennessy, who trained him, made him an Irish field trial champion and used him for hunting purposes.

We bought him because we want to use him in our breeding as his blood lines are suitable for the bitches we plan to mate in the years to come. Moreover, we wanted to introduce some new blood lines to Denmark.

He is a very social and attentive dog with a goodtemper. Physically, he shows great strength. When he works, he demonstrates eagerness and cooperativeness. His water passion is great. He stops to the whistle promptly. When it is not his turn, he lies down and relaxes. So a lot of energy when that is needed and coolness when he is not working.

He breeds yellow and black.

In December 2020 he was put to sleep after a long life.


Pedigree for IR.FTCH Kenmilquin Ballydugan (Ben)

Carraigairt Adam
Pocklea Remus
Haretor Mark of Drakeshead
Brenjon Dirk of Drakeshead
FTCH Spudtamsons Berry of Mirstan
FTCH Drakeshead Thorne
Haretor Emma FTCH Swift of Swingbrook
Haretor Smiler


Drakeshead Gypsy


Pocklington Ben

FTW Swinbrook Mosquito
FTCH Sandringham Macpie


Drakeshead Anna

FTCH Holdgate Willie
FTCH Westead Tan of Drakeshead

Raven Rachel
Theoweir Turramurra Teal
Ballyellery Adder
FTW Raybank Asp
Bellamount Orchid
Towerline Swift
FTCH Memdolbrab Woggon
FTCH Hifield Kite
Lady of Lake


Broadville Barrister

Ciarog Dubh
FTCH Drakeshead Connie
Lady of Liscrevin FTCH Broadville Adam
Duchness of Lawnmount
Bedgebrook Braid FTCH
Endacott Stoer of Quabrook
Ewshot Liffey
Palgrave Triton
FTCH Shot of Palgrave
FTCH Palgrave Holly

Ashe Warren Cassie
FTCH Leacross Rinkals
Killyleagh Wanda
Endacott's Queen FTCH
Swinbrook Twig
FTCH Drakeshead Actor of Shotgate
FTCH Palgrave Kay
Chippinghurst Ptmarmagin FTCH Shinshail Apache
Calcot Lance
Willowyck Wag Of Bedgebrook


Heatherburn Tuan

Lal of Trentlock Black Dust of Ridlington
Hedeham Park Ruth
Dee of Heartherburn Polwarth Spruce
Coppergrouse Pam
Willowyck Favour
Willowyck Corncrake FTCH Shinshail Apache
Akeman Pool
Willowyick Briar FTCH Mirstan Sea Breeze
Sladbrook Teg